Destination Polaris

Destination Polaris is a program all about the passions of America’s ATV riders. From sand dunes to mountains peaks, canyon rides to mud pits, Destination Polaris is your authority for all terrain travel. Hosts, Jared Christie and Laura Schara, join riding experts as they discover remote trail systems and the world's top ATV riding locations.  Plus, each week feature an ATV machine overhaul that we like to call, Project "X.

Jared Christie

Laura Schara

Ron Schara Productions

Ron Schara Productions is an award-winning television production facility based out of Minneapolis, MN. 

Founded in 1995, Ron Schara Productions strives to produce high-quality television with a strong emphasis on story telling and videography.  RSP is a full-service production house specializing in the production of television, commercials and motion graphics.

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